Carrying Momentum for the Rest of the Semester

downhillmomentumSummer is a few short weeks away, and it can be easy for us to lose momentum as the semester comes to a close. We all understand the importance of finishing strong, but it is not always easy to stay focused.

Even breaking things down and taking one day a time can be difficult. So how can you keep going?

Have a morning routine that gets you ready to tackle the day.

We have cited Eric Barker’s blog “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” before, and that is because it is really good. In a recent post, Eric discusses advice from top productivity experts that can help you have a productive day, even when you are having an off-day.

In his post titled “The Morning Routine Experts Recommend For Peak Productivity,” Eric lays out a five-step process that we can all use to be more productive, have more control over our days, and get more enjoyment out of our days even when we are struggling to stay focused.

The five steps are:

  1. Stop reacting – be in control of your day so you can act instead of react
  2. Decide what matters today – identify what is important
  3. Use your “magic hours” for those three things – prioritize your time
  4. Have a starting ritual – prepare yourself to get down to work
  5. Use “positive procrastination” – always get something done

My favorite piece of advice is the idea of positive procrastination, which describes those times when we accomplish a lot of things because we are avoiding one thing that we really do not want to do. An example of this is when you have a pressing deadline approaching, like a test or a presentation, but rather than study or prepare, you re-arrange all of your furniture or clean your entire room.

Eric argues that this is not a bad thing. In fact, it can be very useful in our daily lives – if we do not feel like tackling the one really big task we have for the day, we can use the motivation from avoidance to accomplish several other tasks.

You can view the full post here, and be sure to check out Barking Up the Wrong Tree for more great advice about how to get the most out of life.


Spotlight on the Social Sciences with Dr. Ganem

As part of a special project, we will be discussing ways to explore and gain more knowledge about the things occurring in social sciences here at UGA. We will provide tips from now until graduation that will highlight how to make the most of your social science experience, whether you’re a major, minor, or just interested in one of the fields!

To help us explore, we will be incorporating input from a very helpful and insightful faculty member: Dr. Natasha Ganem from the Sociology department! After TRIPLE MAJORING (awesome, right?!) in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Psychology here at the University of Georgia and going on to obtain her Social Psychology PhD from Emory University in 2006, Dr. Ganem has been a Lecturer in the Sociology department since 2011:


 I am a lecturer here at UGA. I teach Introductory Sociology, Juvenile Delinquency, Research Methods, and Sociology of Leadership. I also supervise the academic work of the Criminal Justice interns who are working during their last semester in the program

Stay tuned to learn more about our interview with Dr. Ganem, including her experiences with and reasons for pursuing the field of Sociology! In the meantime, check out her full profile here!

– Sierra

You Are Never A “Grown-Up”

Food for thought on this lovely Friday. While I’ve heard this saying a few times before, with only 35 days left until the impending graduation date when I have to make my transition from the university life to the big, bad, scary life of this thing called “reality,” I more than appreciate the gentle reminders that Wheezy Waiter gives in his recent video.

Remember, it’s not about what you want to be when you grow up. It’s about how you want to behave as you age. Because ultimately, your character defines you so much more than your occupation of “firefighter” or “astronaut.”