As we delve into our second issue of the Social Sciences Spotlight Series (or S4, as I will conveniently refer to it), we are going to tackle some of the big questions we get from students thinking of pursuing the social sciences here at UGA.

Oftentimes, we find that students who visit the Career Center fail to realize the diverse ways that they can use one of the many social science disciplines to explore, innovative, intriguing and often under-represented career paths. From researching under some of the most innovative minds in their respective fields to service projects, teaching abroad and international internship opportunities, students are often surprised by the diverse career options made available to someone pursuing a social sciences degree. For example, we asked Dr. Ganem what she’s currently involved in as a faculty in the Sociology department:

Right now I am teaching Juvenile Delinquency as a Service-Learning course. This is an exciting project for me because I am helping UGA students better understand sociological issues through service. I am able to help them to become stronger, better mentors for youth in the community in the context of coursework.

Her service-learning course is centered on mentor-ship. Students are encouraged to get involved in the surrounding Athens-Clarke community through mentor-ship. Through pairing up with at-risk youth in the area, her students are challenged to develop ways to lead these youth to a new perspective and enact change in their area; it’s a challenge, she says, for some to really embrace the idea of leading their mentees, but Dr. Ganem knows all of her students are up for—and succeed at—the challenge.


Dr. Ganem with the other 2014-15 Service Learning Fellows at UGA.

Just as Dr. Ganem found ways to utilize her social science background to tap into a career path that she truly enjoys, we believe that you can, too!

Check back soon as we discuss our next topic!