As part of a special project, we will be discussing ways to explore and gain more knowledge about the things occurring in social sciences here at UGA. We will provide tips from now until graduation that will highlight how to make the most of your social science experience, whether you’re a major, minor, or just interested in one of the fields!

To help us explore, we will be incorporating input from a very helpful and insightful faculty member: Dr. Natasha Ganem from the Sociology department! After TRIPLE MAJORING (awesome, right?!) in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Psychology here at the University of Georgia and going on to obtain her Social Psychology PhD from Emory University in 2006, Dr. Ganem has been a Lecturer in the Sociology department since 2011:


 I am a lecturer here at UGA. I teach Introductory Sociology, Juvenile Delinquency, Research Methods, and Sociology of Leadership. I also supervise the academic work of the Criminal Justice interns who are working during their last semester in the program

Stay tuned to learn more about our interview with Dr. Ganem, including her experiences with and reasons for pursuing the field of Sociology! In the meantime, check out her full profile here!

– Sierra