Instant Gratification

We have less than half of the semester yet. Have you been meeting all of the goals you’ve set out at the beginning of the year? For a fortunate few, you probably have, and that deserves a high five. For many, however, (including myself) there have probably been a good number of your goals that have fallen through the cracks. Such as getting started on your final research paper before Spring Break, or researching a certain number of companies per week to narrow down your job and career search.

Procrastination is inevitable, and sometimes a good amount of it can be healthy. It allows our minds to de-stress and recharge when trying to wade through a large, cumbersome task. But, as we all have come to understand at some point in time, it can be pretty harmful to our long-term goals if we don’t understand how to control it.

Of all of the advice on procrastination and how to beat it, the simplest but most effective article I have ever read was about the Instant Gratification Monkey. It’s a fantastic, two-part article complete with lovely snark and childish cartoons that look like they were drawn in Paint (and probably were.) So put away that Trivia Crack, pause your youtube video, and put your procrastination to a better use by reading this helpful guide, and then get back on the track to your career planning and academic success.

You can find the links to the Procrastination article below.

Part One: Why We Procrastinate?

Part Two: How to Beat Procrastination