My experience as a Career Development Intern has been nothing short of amazing and has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve always loved working with other students, but working with them pertaining to such a seemingly serious matter was bit scary at first. The thought of giving students wrong advice or overlooking something on a resume that could possibly prevent them from getting offered a position terrified me. I felt that the responsibilities that came with being a CDI was a little much and I didn’t think that I was ready. However, today I can honestly say that I’m so glad that I was offered such an amazing opportunity. Saying that I love my job is an understatement! Being a CDI has taught me so many different things about myself, other people, and professionalism that I know will not only help me in the office, but in life overall. I am now much better at time management, planning, and working and communicating effectively with others. Most importantly, my level of overall professionalism has skyrocketed!

I have the unique opportunity to help other students develop their career development skills while developing mine. Everyday I learn something new, which is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a CDI. Another favorite of mine is being surrounded by such a wonderful staff and team. In my opinion, the staff is what makes the Career Center an amazing place to be! Everyone is so knowledgeable, supportive, and always willing to help. Brittany is honestly probably the best boss in the world and the CDI team is probably the best team ever! Working with them has been a pleasure and although Sierra and Kate won’t be with us next year, I’m looking forward to another year of AWESOMENESS! Working as a CDI is a continuous learning experience that is very beneficial and very fun. I highly encourage anyone who has a passion to help students and a desire to brush up on their own professional skills to APPLY! Oh yea, and did I mention it’s paid, so why wouldn’t you? I promise you won’t regret it.