I think that one of the best personal traits to have is a disposition to never give up. This mentality has many names, like persistence, determination, resilience, and grit. I value this trait so much because it is what keeps me going no matter what, and it can be applied to any context in life. When I reflect on my day, I usually find several instances where I had to draw on some form of determination, even if it was as simple as staying focused until the end of class that day.

Today I want to share another post, titled “A Navy SEAL Explains 8 Secrets to Grit and Resilience” from Eric Barker’s blog, “Barking Up the Wrong Tree.” In his post, Eric discusses how we can learn the values of grit and resilience from one of the most trying and difficult environments – Navy SEAL training. The most important point I took away from Eric’s post is the importance of having and knowing our own “deep purpose and personal meaning,” because our awareness and understanding of our own personal purpose will keep us from giving up even in the most difficult times.

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