sportstocareerI recently found a blog titled “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” that is written by Eric Barker. Eric’s blog provides “science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life,” and I have bookmarked many of his posts.

One of his recent posts, titled “7 Secrets Top Athletes Can Teach You About Being the Best at Anything,” is very interesting and applicable to many areas. Athletics is something we can all relate to – whether we played a sport growing up, or have followed a favorite team or athlete for some time. There comes a time when we can no longer pursue our athletic dreams, but that does not mean that the experiences we had and the lessons we learned go away. These experiences and lessons are transferable to our everyday lives. For example, my involvement in sports taught me that I had to constantly improve in order to stay competitive, which is a principle that holds true for any area of life.

This brings us to the questions: What do the best athletes do to keep improving and stay the best at what they do? How can I apply this to my own life outside of athletics? Eric Barker addresses this question in his post, and I have included some of the secrets below. The key takeaway is to reflect on what you are doing and whether it is working. If things are becoming easy, you might not be pushing yourself hard enough, which could cause you to stagnate and stop improving.

I encourage you to check out Eric’s blog, where you will find lots of great posts about how you can improve your life.

Secrets to Being the Best at Anything:

  • Don’t let anyone say you don’t have talent.
  • Figure out what you “Rage to Master.”
  • Don’t follow instructions. Fumble Around.
  • Ask, “What’s important here?”
  • Be engaged. Question what you are doing and why.
  • Find your “Optimal Push.”
  • Reflect.