When it comes to interviews, I’d like to consider myself at least experienced in the matter. During my college years alone, I have attended seemingly hundreds of interviews. Interviews that last ten minutes to an entire day. Interviews that happen in the company’s office to online interviews on Skype. I’ve even been on both sides of the table, as an interviewee and an interviewer.

But still, despite all of my experience, I’ll be the first to admit that I get extremely nervous before an interview. And if the interview is with a company I really love or is for a position that I really want, it only makes me that more nervous.

So how do I beat back those shaky hands and sweaty armpits? After so many interviews, I have developed a routine that calms me down and reboots my confidence. I always try to arrive to an interview 15-20 minutes early. Once there, I sit in my car, or in the bathroom, or hallway, or anywhere else I could have just a moment to myself. Once alone, I begin to breathe in and out through my nose deeply, and I begin chanting this mantra in my head several times.

They want you, Katie. They NEED you. All day, they have just been waiting for you to walk through the door. You are the answer to all of their problems, and they are going to be so grateful to have you on board.

Cheesy and silly? Perhaps. Does it work? Most definitely.

After mentally repeating this mantra three or five times, I find my heartbeat calming down, and my smile relaxes into a more natural one. I laugh, which not only puts me even more at ease, but also makes me seem more friendly and upbeat. The interview becomes less a test of my skills and more of a friendly conversation. It becomes fun.

And the best part, since adopting this habit, I’ve been hired in 75% of the interviews I participate in.

But everyone’s different. Maybe there is some other method that will work better for other types of people. What is your interview routine?