Have you heard of 30 under 30? 30 under 30 is a list of the 30 most influential people shaping the world today. Posted by Forbes every year, it’s a great measure of who the biggest game changers are in a variety of industries. The coolest part about it? Because it is required that all nominees are under the age of 30, they’re all millennials just like us.

We’ve grown up listening to the older generation complain about us millennials. We’re too lazy. We’re self-entitled. We’re fickle, distracted, and can’t make up our minds. On and on the list goes. We’ve been taught throughout the years that in order to succeed later in life, we’re going to have to “tone down” our millennial tendencies and become more like the rest of Corporate America. But as some of the bios within 30 under 30 demonstrates, sometimes those millennial tendencies are exactly what allow us to succeed.

Definitely make sure to check out the list to see who are the young leaders in your industry of interest. Not only is it good information to know, but it might also inspire you to take on some of your own obstacles and pave the way towards a bigger and better you this year.