Happy New Year all! I hope that your new year has started off on the right foot and continues to be great. Now, for some of us I know that a new year comes new goals or “resolutions”. I personally love a new year for this reason! I love to set goals for myself so that throughout the whole year I am constantly working to achieve a tangible goal or aiming to improve myself in some way. However, although I almost always have the absolute best intentions and genuine desire to accomplish my goals I sometimes fall short, which I know is also a problem for many people who establish New Year’s resolutions. So…I am here to provide you with a few helpful tips that may make this year a little different from the others!

1. The first step in achieving your resolutions is preparing your mind! Let’s face it, achieving your New Year’s resolutions are 90% mental. It’s necessary to change your mindset and fully commit to whatever it is you plan to do. An article from the Huffington Post suggests that you associate pain with the thought of not achieving your goal. For example, if one of your resolutions is to attend more career prep workshops, associate not attending with missing out on valuable career prep information that could potentially contribute to landing an internship or job.

2. Believe in yourself! It sounds simple, but like I said before this may be your second or third time attempting to achieve one particular goal. You may feel defeated or may think that trying again is pointless, but don’t! Believe that this time is different and that you WILL accomplish your goal this go around. After all the third time is a charm!

3. Pace yourself. You have 365 days to get it right! Pacing yourself prevents you from getting too overwhelmed. Breakdown some of your heftier goals so that you can chip away them in reasonable amounts of time. When you see results, you tend to stay motivated!

4. Reward yourself! Celebrate when you accomplish even the smallest portion of your goal! It will keep you excited and self motivated for the big picture.

Although the new year just started, I’ve found these tips to be helpful already. Hopefully you will too! Good luck. Let’s make 2015 AWESOME!