Businesspeople on lunch.

Ask any person for career advice, and it is likely that they will say the phrase “build your network” at least once. It is such common advice, but there is not much direction to go along with it. Networking does not have a set guide, and it is constantly changing. Many people think that networking is intimidating or difficult, but in reality networking is as simple as developing relationships. There is a lot of “feel” that goes into networking, because it is just like establishing any type of relationship.

Nervous about networking? Check out this article from The Week about 10 of the best networking tips, summarized below:

  1. If connecting seems hard, start by re-connecting
  2. Move your desk (or move yourself)
  3. Find your “superconnectors” (mentors)
  4. Start an “interesting people fund” (so you are able to meet new people)
  5. Ask the three golden questions:
    1. How can I help you?
    2. What ideas do you have for me?
    3. Who else do you know that I should talk to?
  6. Focus on relationships, not the word “business”
  7. The five-minute-favor (think about others first)
  8. Cement a relationship by asking for a favor
  9. Read tips from the best
  10. Form communities through group outings