Ever thought about being a part of a company, but couldn’t find one that you really liked or were interested in? Ever thought about taking the path less traveled and venturing into the world of business ownership? If so, then we have an article for you!

We wanted this week’s Friday Feature to be something helpful for those of you who have (or maybe haven’t ever) considered starting your own business. Entrepreneurship is a career that requires dedication and drive, but is definitely worth the work. If owning your own company sounds interesting to you, jump on over to this article written by University of Washington’s Foster School of Business to get some advice and background on beginning your career in entrepreneurship.

Check it Out: http://www.foster.washington.edu/undergradcareers/Pages/Career-Options—Entrepreneurship.aspx

Have a great weekend and GOOOOO DAWGS, SIC’ EM!

– The CDIs