Job shadowing/IFAD is a great way to gain experience, learn more about your desired career field, and practice interacting with professionals. Since the Intern for a Day program is only a day or few long, you want to go in and make the absolute best of it! Here are some tips that will help you do so and ensure a successful and beneficial experience.

1. Confirm time and location of the company and get there a little early. There’s nothing worse than trying figure out where you’re supposed to be the day of, then ending up late or right on time.

2. Dress appropriately! For something like this, most people would assume to dress in business casual attire. However, it is completely okay to ask the employer host what is preferred.

3. Research the job and employer ahead of time. The company website is a great place for this! You may also want to take some of this information and develop a few questions to ask.

4. Take in as much as possible. Bring along a notepad and pen to take notes as you go throughout the day. Ask questions and don’t hesitate to ask for some hands on experience when the opportunity presents itself.

5. Stay positive. Although your placement may not be your first choice or you realize when you get there it’s not what you expected, stay positive and still learn and gain from the experience as much as possible.

6. Make connections! Ask for business cards from everyone you meet. It’s a great idea to follow-up and send thank you letters after the program is over.