lego-office-cultureWith the UGA Fall Career Fair coming up in 2 weeks, many of us students are looking forward to the opportunity to secure a job or an internship. We are sometimes so concerned with making ourselves a good fit for a company that we may ignore whether the company is a good fit for us.

Corporate culture and office environment are very important to any career, and it can cause some people to become unhappy with their job even though they like their position in the company. For example, someone who is thoughtful and soft-spoken may feel out of their comfort zone at a company with a talkative and loud environment, and this setting may affect their performance and overall satisfaction with their career.

Be sure to read this article from Forbes, which gives a more in-depth look into office culture. The author, Susan Adams, provides some great examples of how people were affected by and reacted to their office environments, as well as some helpful advice on finding the right corporate culture for you.

We wish you all the best in your careers!

-The CDI’s