TOP 5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year:

5. Make friends from around the world. Gap Year programs offer people the opportunity to meet people from around the world with different backgrounds, thoughts, ideals and values. The people you meet on a Gap Year program teach you about yourself, and together you will embark a life-changing journey.

4. You will gain life experiences that will prove essential to succeed in college and life beyond the hedges. A Gap Year program allows you have real experiences that can transform how you look at the world. The experiences will stay with you for a lifetime and will aid in collegiate studies.

3. You grow (mentally, physically and emotionally). Depending on the type of program, you have the exciting chance to grow and blossom into your own. You learn what’s important to you, and after the program, you have an idea of how to meet your goals and what it will take to get there.

2. This is truly the only time you will ever have to do something like this. Think about it. If you have no responsibilities: no kids, no bills, no jobs, etc., this is the time to take advantage of your free time. College can wait a year, and so will the real world. Just make sure you promise yourself you WILL, in fact, return to college a year (or two!) later.

1. You won’t regret it. Everyone I know who has returned from a Gap Year recommends it to others. You will grow as a person in more ways than you can imagine, and you will truly realize what truly matters to you. Gap Year programs give you the opportunity to challenge your thoughts and beliefs to find the true things that give your life meaning. A Gap Year program can be the greatest gift you can give yourself.


– Emily