Image Working as a Career Development Intern is the best experience I have had at UGA because it provides the opportunity to have a direct impact on the careers of UGA students. I personally interact with a variety of students, from freshmen who are beginning their college careers, to sophomores and juniors who are starting to search for their professional careers, to seniors and graduate students who are seeking to secure employment for their careers. I find it very rewarding to help these students with their career-related questions, and I feel that I am making a genuine impact on their futures.

In addition to impacting the UGA community, the Career Development Internship has helped develop my own professional skills. Helping students with their career-related questions has greatly improved my interpersonal and communication skills, and helping the Career Consultants with presentations and events has developed my presentation and public speaking skills. Our collaborative Fall Project and independent Spring Project both provide opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership skills through working with the other CDI’s and Career Consultants.

The impact that we have as a CDI Team would not be possible without the great work environment at the Career Center. The Career Consultants and the Career Center staff are so supportive and helpful, and I enjoy assisting them with satellite hours, presentations, and other Career Center events. They are always available for help, and it is a real pleasure to work in such a supportive environment. I can also not say enough about how great it has been to work alongside the other CDI’s, and I feel that I have made meaningful and lasting relationships that will continue beyond UGA.

I believe the Career Development Internship is a unique and valuable experience, as it allows me to give back to the UGA community in a direct way while also helping to develop my own professional skills. I am excited to continue working as a CDI next year, and I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.

Want to be a part of the Career Center Team? Apply today! Access the application via DAWGLink, and be sure to email your completed application to by the end of Tuesday, March 18.