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Do you have a green thumb or maybe just an interest in the outdoors? I recommend taking Horticulture 2000 as an elective. I am enrolled in the three-hour course this semester and have learned a considerable amount about the history of horticulture and the importance of plants in our lives.

The class is traditionally structured with two exams and a cumulative final. Attendance quizzes and a few unique projects account for the rest of your grade. Dr. Berle assigns students a houseplant at the beginning of the semester and students are responsible for replanting it and taking care of it over the course of the semester. Students are also assigned an ingredient and make a dish with that ingredient to contribute to the “Horticulture Cornucopia” (food day) toward the end of the semester.

For the final part of their grade, students must complete four “Horticulturist for a Day” volunteer hours at a local garden. This has been my favorite part of the class. I chose to volunteer at UGA’s student-run UGArden where I got hands-on experience tending to crop plants and was taught about the immense amount of work it takes to run a sustainable garden. I was sure to snap a few pictures of my day in the garden…check them out below!

Have you taken a unique elective and would like to recommend it to students? If so, drop us a line in the comment section!

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