Everyone has their favorite twitter handles and instagram accounts to follow, and I wanted to share with you my favorites! While some are inspirational or educational in nature, some are just for fun. Check out my list below and be sure to create your own list so you, too, can share funny and creative accounts for others to enjoy.

@mikedooley: AKA “The Universive” tweets profound one-liners that really get us thinking. Plus, he’s not afraid to throw a compliment our way every now and then – something we’re pretty fond of.
@OLV: OLV is the best source for information about TV and movie filming locations as well as celebrity events. Follow this account – you never know when you’ll be in the right place at the right time.
@UberFacts: The most unimportant things you’ll ever need to know.
@Politico: Keep up to date with what’s going on in the world. Stay an informed citizen of our country.
@peoplemag: Everyone’s needs to know about the newest and hottest celeb gossip

@happsters: The Happsters account is the perfect account to follow for an everyday pick-me-up! The account is solely based on spreading happiness. They share inspiring quotes on how to live your life with a smile.
@Travel: Beautiful shots of locations around the world. Open your mind to the beauty of our world
@Bunnymama: Follow Eddy and Rambo Bunny in their excited lives. See the most adorable pics of these two bunnies as their Mom captures their inner (and outer) beauty.
@GeorgiaFootball: All things Dawg-related. Watch videos of touchdowns, interviews with players, and more!
@Butterlane: Butter Lane…the Better Cupcake.


Until next time,