As college students, whether it is study time, sleep time, or free time, we all desire to have more time. One of the best ways to create more time is by increasing your productivity. Ever wish that you knew how to get more done? Do you desire to be more productive, but not know where to start?

Click here to view a slideshow presenting 13 tips from CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, and start-up professionals to help jumpstart your own productivity.

As a student, I found these tips to be the most helpful:

  1. The prioritization list from Paul A. Klipp, especially the “things to do now” idea
  2. The “airplane days” idea from Bryan Guido Hassin – you will be surprised how much being unplugged improves your focus and productivity

While all of these tips are applicable to students today, some are more suited for a business setting. However, they provide a few things to keep in mind as you progress through your career. Also check out the “Read More” section beneath the slide show for other articles about productivity.

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Jeff Sidlovsky