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My time at the University of Georgia came to a close a little over a month ago. Needless to say, it broke my heart. And I still tear up when I think about it.

But don’t stop reading now, there is more.

The only thing that made leaving bearable, was knowing that I had an internship lined up that I was really excited about.

???????????????????????This summer, I am a Digital Media intern with the United States Olympic Committee. For me, a journalism/english major and sports enthusiast, this is a dream come true.

I am living in Colorado Springs, Colo., on the Olympic Training Center and I work downtown at the USOC headquarters. There are 27 other interns in my “intern class” and though we all have different positions, we all live on the same hall in the OTC.

Not much different from Russell Hall.

Because I am doing what I love with really cool, like-minded people, leaving Georgia does not hurt as bad anymore.

About a year ago, I was very nervous about leaving college and getting thrown into a career that I did not love. At 21 who can really be sure of their life calling?

I have desired to be a journalist in the sports world for a long time, but I never knew what was my ideal position. In today’s world it feels like we have to plan out set career goals the moment we leave Pre-K. By the time we reach our senior year of college, we need to have a salaried position, with benefits lined up.

But don’t believe this lie.

When you get out of school, nothing is permanent. Nothing except that we all have a highly respected education and hopefully a rough idea about what makes us happy.

Allow this fact to calm you down.

This really helped me when I was entering into the hustle and bustle of applying and interviewing for jobs, senior year.

This Post-Grad Internship at the USOC is one of my biggest blessings, not only because it is incredible and will look great on my resume, but also because I get to leave in August. I signed nothing and in August I am free to move to the next thing without having to feel guilty.

Also, I will leave with plenty of new skills and many professional and personal relationships that will only enhance my future.

Therefore, my advice is to just make a small move coming out of college if you are not 100 percent sure about what you want to do. Just make sure that job/internship you choose, moves you in a productive direction. (Who knows where it will lead ncaayou).

I just discovered that this internship helped me earn a year-long Post-Grad Internship with NCAA.com.


small moves can get you somewhere big.

Abby Hill

ABJ Journalism/English

Class of 2013