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Just like that, the game you thought would have won, you lost. Just like that, the school year is almost over. As March comes to an end, you are still searching…applying… and waiting for that job or internship.

This has been a crazy month and maybe you are still waiting. But remember, THERE IS STILL TIME. Companies are still hiring and new job postings will be listed in the near future. So in the midst of the March Madness, remember these tips so you can be ready, for when the ball is in your hands.

miamiKeep your Endurance: There are 82 games in the NBA regular season. In spite of team preference, it is very impressive Miami Heat was able to earn a 27-game winning streak. For the past few months you have sent out multiple emails and submitted applications for different positions. But unlike the Heat, you start to feel burned out. Resumes doesn’t look as sharp and cover letters seem bland. With that being said, continue to take part in new activities that can be added to your resume. You can create a new infographic about a growing trend, volunteer your efforts for a local non-profit organization, or sign up for different conferences and workshops.

Practice, Practice, Practice: The University of Georgia Women’s Basketball team, is moving on to the Sweet Sixteen for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. In addition to enjoying their time out-of-state, they are still practicing and preparing themselves for the upcoming game. Practice is important, and the way you practice IS the way you play. If you have any upcoming interviews, schedule a mock interview at the UGA Career Center. You can even offer a job description for the mock interview, to allow it to be very similar to the real deal.

fgcu2Ignore the Critics: Even the ESPN analysts didn’t predict Florida Gulf Coast University would make it this far. Against all  odds, FGCU has earned their spot in history, as the first No. 15 seed to play in the Sweet Sixteen. Your parents, friends and classmates can’t predict where you will be in the next two months. And truth be told, hiring and the last day of school are not related. It is alright, to earn a job AFTER graduation. So, while school is still in session, use your professors and the UGA Career Center to enhance those resumes and cover letters. Stay encouraged and believe in your skill set and the benefits you can offer a company.

The current NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, provides a perfect example of how likely the impossible really is. In spite of the circumstances, believe in yourself and everything you are capable of doing. There is a job that fits your skills and experience.

This is the goal, finding a job where it never feels like a day of work.”

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