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Infographics are the new craze and I must admit I am obsessed. The UGA Career Center, starring Career Consultant Kelly Whisnant, has done a fabulous job describing information in a way that is interesting, enticing and just cool to look at!

There are two Career Fairs quickly approaching and I created this graphic to provide some quick tips to help you prepare! Also, included in this picture are links to different infographics that highlight “Professional Attire,” “The Elevator Pitch” and “Employer Research.”

Career Fair

  • March 20th: Journalism & Mass Communication Career Fair @ Tate Grand Hall 5th Floor 2:00pm-4:00pm
  • March 28th: Summer Employment Fair @ Tate Grand Hall 5th Floor 11:00am-3:00pm

For any students who are debating whether they should attend these events (and they don’t have a guaranteed job, internship or plan for the summer) shake off the Spring Break-laziness and just COME. Career Fairs offer an opportunity to meet with recruiters face-to-face and receive feedback about your resume.

But remember, showing up is only half of it. In January, the UGA Career Center held a Multicultural Professional Development Conference and Julius Pryor III, was motivating students to get out of bed.  “Showing up is the basic thing. Get out of bed and show up and you are half way there.” A lot of times all it takes is showing up and Pryor describes it well with an analogy of 5 people. “Of the 5 people who show up, two won’t be prepared, of the three left two won’t be focused, now it’s just you and one other person.”

The odds are in your favor. Show up and be the student that stands out above the rest.

P.S. If you are an undergraduate looking for a paid-position, on-campus, that will mold you into a career professional, apply to the Career Development Internship! DEADLINE IS MONDAY, MARCH 18th @ 5pm

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