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Slide1“Each time I snap my official, silver, Career Center name tag on my shirt, a big smile comes across my face. Only a few weeks have passed since I began as a CDI and I can honestly say I love this job.” 

This was my opening statement for my first blog entry at the UGA Career Center. One year later, I can easily say I feel the same way. It’s hard to even express in words how much this internship means to me (which explains the WORD ^ CLOUD). Before I became a CDI, I thought I was just a number in a large institution. But, this internship has provided the unique opportunity for me to leave a paw print at UGA.

For the past three years, I have competed on the UGA Women’s Track & Field team. In order to walk-on the team and eventually compete in the track meets, I busted my butt each practice. Literally, at the end of practices I would just lay down on the track, because everything below my waist was in pain. Well, long story short, the skills I had developed as a college athlete, were ENHANCED by this internship.

I was insecure, irresponsible and typically late. I didn’t know how to talk to employers let alone sell my skills in an interview. Within the past two years, this internship has stretched me out of my comfort zone and molded me into a career professional. Today, I am often placed in situations where I am the leader, or I am stationed in events where I need to be responsible and lastly…well I am only rarely late.

The point of the message is, this internship has molded me into a woman, I never thought I could be. I am so thankful Erica Walbert opened the door for this opportunity. I am so thankful I have an amazing supervisor, Bethany Bagley, who encourages, supports and teaches me new things every day. I am so thankful, for my mentor, Megan Flora, who calm’s my nerves, a career consultant Marian Higgins who pushes me to work harder and dig deeper, and friends (the other CDI’s) who help make this job the best job on campus.

Because of all of them, and everything that I learned, I feel at peace with who I am and where I will be in the future. I’m not afraid to pitch an idea or take leadership of an assignment. Most importantly, I am not afraid to make mistakes (a lesson, I have recently learned). As a senior applying for jobs, it can be stressful, and the stress can lead to some mistakes. But this internship has taught me how to REBOUND. So, now when I make a mistake, I learn from it, if possible fix it and continue to work as hard as I can to complete the task.

So, if you are wondering whether you should apply to this internship, allow me to spell out the answer. A-P-P-L-Y. This is a paid job, on campus, and you will be surrounded by faculty members who only want the best for you. You will learn not only how to help other students, but how to help yourself as well. Whatever your dream job is, the Career Center will help you every step of the way to make sure it becomes a reality. (I dreamed about an internship in New York, thanks to this internship, I lived my dream).

I love being a CDI. I always tell my good friend John Wilke, if they paid us more, I wouldn’t apply to post graduate positions. But, you can only work here as an undergraduate, so that won’t work. So, I will press on, remember everything I learned become a stand out employee and definitely keep in touch with my friends and the career consultants. And if the future CDI’s ever need help, or ever want to be encouraged, just hit me up.