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Kendall“My experiences thus far as a CDI…

If you asked me how I felt upon starting the CDI Internship last August, I would have said “overwhelmed.” I was incredibly nervous about critiquing peer resumes and giving class presentations.

However, after attending the fast-paced (and actually really fun) CDI training session prior to the start of classes, I felt completely ready to jump in to the internship…not to mention I got to know the Career Center staff and other CDIs much better.

Now I don’t think twice about critiquing a resume or cover letter, speaking in front of a group, or conducting an interview. Being the introvert that I am, this internship has truly eased me out of my comfort zone and grown me into a better written and verbal communicator.

If I listed out all the great things about being a CDI, you’d be reading all day so I’ll narrow it down as best I can. First, I am surrounded by great people every time I come into work. The staff here is involved, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Second, I’ve learned an enormous amount about the job search that will benefit me as I apply to jobs within the next year. Third, and most importantly, nothing beats the joy you get from helping out another student. Waiting at the bus stop and hearing, “Hey, didn’t you critique my resume? Guess what…I got the internship!” makes my week and reminds me of why I’m so lucky to intern here.

My junior year is drawing to a close and it’s hard to imagine what the CDI internship will be like next year without Nicole, John, Garrett, and Danny. (Sorry for being a sap guys) However as we begin to recruit new CDI’s, I’m getting so excited to get to know a new team next year. Becoming a CDI has been the best opportunities I’ve had since coming to UGA and I can’t wait to see what senior year at the Career Center has in store for me!”

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