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When it comes to the job search, there seems to be a million different people suggesting a million different tips for success. With these tidbits of truth and hot air blowing up our brains, it can be hard to really focus on the few simple things that can guarantee success.
To make life easier during the job search, I have come up with one simple takeaway. This blog post is dedicated to: Networking.


So what exactly is networking and why is it so effective? Networking is a crucial art of the business communication process, which focuses intently on exploring current connections and making new ones. Surely we’re all familiar with the businessman’s secret: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”
As a successful businessman, Adam Small, puts it best,“Networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any person or organization.” The reason that networking is so crucial to success hinges on the fact that, as humans, we are social creatures. People do business with those they like and trust.
The best part about networking is this: It opens up opportunities and gets you through the door instead of stacked in a pile of papers with a whole bunch of other applicant’s names and resumes.
You don’t even necessarily have to know the people up top for networking to pay off. You just have to know someone who is trusted by the person up top! It becomes an exciting game of “Who Knows Who.” This is what makes the process seem quite fun. Once I started exploring my connections, I was shocked with just how wide the web of people reached. There were latent opportunities all around me just waiting to be manifested.
So, I said I like to keep things simple. Here’s a few easy steps to start working on your network:
1). The best place to start is with your parents. Ask them who they know in the field you are interested in exploring.
2). Think positively and always smile. You never know who will notice and who they might know.
3). If you have a conversation with someone, turn it into something of an intentional nature. Get to know them personally and learn about their interests. Find out where they are involved. Now that you know each other and have established a bond, they will feel a greater sense of obligation to help you.
4). HELP OTHERS. Success comes to those who serve. The best way to be successful is to help others succeed. Never be so wrapped up in your own wish to network that you forget to help those who are reaching out to you to network.
That’s it. Now run along and build your network, but don’t forget to let me know how it goes!
 Garrett Indiv