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Welcome back students! With the New Year upon us, “it’s time for a new you.”

Just like my friend Danny said, chances are you’ve come up with a handful of resolutions that will vanish in T-Minus 22 days. It happens to me too, as soon as I’ve kicked the sodas and cut the carbs, those stinkers seem to sneak right back into my life. I find myself making and breaking resolutions every year. This year, more than any other year, I would like to keep my resolution because it’s important to my future success. So, how do we make this year better than the rest?

New YearsI’d like to offer you some advice that was given to me  over the break from one of the sages in my life. In case you’re curious, my particular resolution is: To do everything I can to set myself up for career success upon graduation in May. I know I’m not the only one who made this resolution. As a matter of fact, many students, like myself, are entering a hectic time of job searching and preparing for the real world. Therefore, let’s make this the year we take the initiative to search for rewarding jobs and summer internships.

After the serious conversation with my mentor, a light bulb finally went off in my mind that seems to make perfect sense. Instead of creating several ways for me to personally uphold my resolution, why don’t I ease some stress,  allowing others help me reach my goal? Statistics seem to show that success rates for resolutions are substantially higher with an accountability partner.

With that being said, if you have made a resolution to get serious about the working world this year like myself, then come take advantage of us over here at the Career Center. This is what we’re here for! I can speak on behalf of the entire office when I say that we will be thrilled to assist you in upholding your career goals and objectives.

As your personal resolution agent, my first suggestion is to visit our weekday walk-in hours from 12-2pm. Or, you can schedule an appointment with one of the Career Consultants. If you have not set up a DawgLink account, this is a great time to do it; there are 895 current job and internship postings. Further information can be found at: www.career.uga.edu.

Garrett Indiv