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Alright, so you’ve finished finals and headed home for winter break. You may find yourself sitting on your parents couch watching Netflix or finishing up some holiday shopping online. However, all of this has left your pockets empty. These are both great reasons to go find seasonal employment.


The bulk of retail sales are made during the holidays. With the sudden influx of customers many stores opt to hire temporary work. Instead of just walking through the mall looking for “Hiring” signs, I’ve made it easier for you. I’ve outlined a couple of options that may help your search for seasonal work success:

  1. Remember that high school job you had bagging groceries? If you left on good terms with management, head back to that store and ask about a temporary job. Grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants are all usually short-staffed during the holidays. Your old employer will be very happy to have you back!
  2.  Are you good with kids? More babysitters will be needed as parents shop for gifts and attend holiday parties. Seek out friends of your parents who may have young children.
  3. So maybe you aren’t the best babysitter but you like animals. Pet sitting and house sitting are easy ways to make some extra cash. Try making a flyer with your name and contact information and taping it to mailboxes in the neighborhood. Your neighbors will appreciate you!


Bottom line, seasonal work typically isn’t glamorous. Seasonal jobs are all about getting hours. Cash made over the break is a great way to pay for next semester’s books, spring break or whatever else is in the cards for the upcoming semester. I’ve had friends that have done everything from sell watches at Macy’s to bale hay for their neighbor’s landscaping company.

Remember it’s important to include even your seasonal work in your resume. Be sure to visit the Career Center after winter break so we can help you pick out transferable skills to add in.

Happy Holidays and best of luck in your search for seasonal work!