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Kelley Whisnant is a new consultant this semester and the Career Center is so happy to have her! She works with students from the College of Agriculture, College of Environment and Design, College of Engineering, College of Public Health, School of Forestry, and Franklin College. Whew…she is very busy!

I caught up with Kelley this week to ask her a few questions about how she got into the field of career services and things she likes to do outside of work. Here’s what she had to say:


Tell us about your educational path to where you are now in Career Services

My first experience in career services occurred during my senior year of undergraduate studies at Appalachian State University.  I was a psychology/sociology double major that needed to fulfill an internship requirement for my degree.  I received an e-mail about the Peer Career Center on ASU’s campus and how they were accepting applications for interns.  I applied and interviewed (without preparing) and somehow was selected.  Within this center I worked one on one with freshman and sophomore students with major and career exploration.  I assisted students in selecting majors and discovering career paths within those majors.  This was a great hands-on experience, especially as an undergraduate student.  This experiences also aided in my decision to pursue my Master’s degree in College Student Development at Appalachian State University.  As a graduate student I worked in the College of Business at ASU for two years and worked with juniors and seniors, specifically with resume/cover letter writing and internship/job searching techniques.  Both of those experiences assisted in cultivating my skills and prepared me for my role as a Career Consultant at The University of Georgia.


What do you like most about being a career consultant?

I love that my job provides a lot of variety and a fast paced work environment.  Whether it is meeting with students one on one, or presenting a topic to a club/organization, or planning a career fair, every day is different.  Ultimately though, I love working with and helping students with their major/career development.  I always knew I wanted to help others with my career, and I feel that this role is centered on helping.

What was your first part time job?

My first part time job was at a coffee shop in my hometown of Morganton, NC.  I was 16 years old and I had no idea what I was doing.  But free coffee is always a great motivator for working.  This was the beginning of my coffee addiction.

What is your life motto or a quote you live by?

“You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.” –Catherine Center

What is your favorite spot in Athens?

I love Ted’s, the atmosphere, food, patio…all amazing!


If you could eat any type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

SUSHI! Because it is an amazing combination of tastes and textures and I could eat it for every meal, every day.


Kelley has worked hard to plan the Agricultural, Natural Resources and Engineering 2012 Career and Internship Fair that will be held on November 7th from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Tate Grand Hall (5th Floor). If you fall into one of these majors, come out and network with employers at this awesome event.