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Your new graduate assistant is in the house! It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of the Career Center’s most recently acquired champions: Andrew Knoblich. He received a bachelor’s degree of Science and Education at The University of Georgia and is most recently enrolled in UGA’s Master of Education program in professional counseling.


How did you get into Career Services?

“I have served in College Admissions for three years at three different universities: Young Harris, Avila University, and DeVry University. I’ve had a passion for working with students to help them discover their educational and career goals. When I got into the Masters program, I wanted to look for a graduate assistantship that would allow me to work with adolescents and young adults. The Career Center had an opening and I decided that’s where I wanted to be.”


Ok, so we all know that your job absolutely rocks, but what do you enjoy the most about it?

“Surprisingly, I enjoy the presentations the most. Public Speaking hasn’t necessarily been one of my strongest suits in the past, but there is an energy on campus that I am excited about and feel like I can use in an effort to reach out to people.”


What was your first part time job?

“My first part time job was a self-employed lawn service that I marketed by distributing flyers and through word of mouth when I was 12 years old.”


Do you have any career advice for undergraduate students?

“I would say that it is vital to recognize your desire for instant gratification, but to more importantly realize the necessity of hard work and discipline.”


In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

“My stress relievers are running and exercising in general. I also like to read self-development books.”


Since you have relocated to Athens, what has been your favorite discovery thus far?

“My favorite discovery is the resources that The University of Georgia has to offer, which I didn’t realize as an undergraduate student, and wish that I would have utilized.”


What is something that people would consider to be very unique about you?

“I have a lot of compassion and am more of a collective thinker in an effort to work toward the common good.”


Why do the CDIs love Andrew?

“Andrew always brings an excellent attitude into the office with him.  My favorite thing about him is how down to earth he is. Andrew is always up for a good chat and willing to spread the wisdom that he has acquired through his years of life experience.”