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You address the email to Mrs. Cameron Miles, when it is actually is Mr. Cameron Miles.

You mentioned an attachment within the body of the application, but no document was ever attached.

Writing a resume, letter “T” somehow was left off the word “assets.” Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes. 


Making mistakes in the professional world can cause a lot of stress. You began to question the status of your application, interview or even the stability of your own job. We all make mistakes, and when a mistake is made just remember, EVERYTHING IS OKAY.

Making mistakes is actually a good thing, because it shows you are human. I have made plenty of mistakes and support from family and friends has helped me to better myself afterwards. So here are some great tips towards overcoming mistakes:

Tip 1: Breathe. Relax. As of now you probably can not get the thought out of your head and trust me there is no way to go back in time to reverse it. If you really need to, take a few minutes to let out all your cries, sighs and complaints.

Tip 2: Own up to your mistake. Admitting to the mistake is one of the best things you can do because it shows maturity and responsibility. According to a science blog on National Geographic, it’s actually harder for many of us to admit that we could be wrong about something the less we know about it!  Letting go of pride to actually admit a mistake will help even more people to appeal to you.

Tip 3: Learn from it! Making the same mistake over and over again, is a bigger problem, so learn the right way to complete tasks. Whether its double-checking an email before it’s sent, or having another person review documents for errors beforehand can save a lot of assets. 

Tip 4: Prepare for tomorrow. As my great friend John Wilke says, “Be like a carnivore, eyes are in front of your head for a reason. Focus on what is in front of you, and let the past stay behind you.”