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We’ve all been there. That sheer panic when you suddenly realize that what you’re studying has nothing to do with what you want to do, or you still don’t know exactly what it means. It’s slightly terrifying, but it’s okay. It’s scary because it actually matters. Declaring or changing your major is a big deal because basically, it feels like you are changing your life course.

However, do not panic! There are resources at your disposal to help prepare you for this change. First of all, the Career Center offers a variety of self-assessments that can help you determine your strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences. The Strong Interest Inventory provides a wealth of information about your personal characteristics, and the careers that match those qualities. And they’re based on the Holland Code.

Ever heard of the hit TV show Friends? Yeah, kind of a big deal. Their characters are based on the 6 archetypes provided by the Holland Code: Social, Enterprising, Conventional, Realistic, Artistic and Investigative. Obviously, Phoebe is artistic. This assessment provides a 3 letter code that demonstrates the variety of fields you could work in based on those qualities, as well as online resources that discuss those further. Amazing resource!

Another resource is ECHD 2050, Academic and Career Planning. This class is amazing. The class provides the opportunity for you to connect to professionals here at the University. You will do some of these assessments in this class as well as mock interviews, which will provide you a great opportunity to get some great feedback. This course is an amazing option for undeclared students or students changing their major, or if you just want to build some of your professional skills and gain some greater insight.

Last, but not least, the Career Center itself. Throughout the semester, the Career Center provides a variety of programs where they will be discussing different career paths, business etiquette and even the different ways and methods in choosing your major. Remember, you can also build concentrations within programs, minors, and certificates to diversify yourself. Also, you could consider graduate school to continue learning about the field you choose to study.

It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun. Have a great week!