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The Fall Career Fair will be held on September 19th, so I would like to give everyone a refresher on how to dress professionally for this event. For guys and ladies, it’s best to dress in a suit. If you haven’t invested in one already, it may be time to so. You’ll thank yourself in the future! For specific do’s and don’t, see below.


You have it easy. Plan to wear a dark-colored suit with a coordinating shirt. Here are some specifics that often go overlooked.

  • Shoes- invest in a classic pair of nice leather shoes. (oxfords or wingtips) Although they may cost a lot up front, they will last for years with the right care.
  • Socks- wear dark, dress socks. No exceptions.
  • Ties- if wearing a tie, stick to a dark tie with a small print. Make sure the tip of the tie falls at your belt buckle.
  • Have well groomed hair and facial hair and go easy on the aftershave! You never know when a potential employer could be allergic or dislike your fragrance.


Things aren’t so black and white for us girls. Stick to a classic pant or skirt suit in a neutral color. Layer a dressy button-down beneath it or a conservative shell. A conservative neckline is an absolute must. Now for the specifics…

  • Fit- ensure that your skirt or trousers are not too tight. Some trendy, younger stores may sell suits with this fit but it looks unprofessional.
  • Shoes- an average-height, conservative heel can dress up an outfit very nicely. Save loud colors and funky prints for the weekend.
  • Jewelry- Less is more. Minimal, classic jewelry is acceptable. Stick to gold or silver.
  • Hair and Makeup- Wear natural looking makeup with a matte finish. Avoid dark eye makeup and lips. Pull long hair or bangs away from face to avoid the temptation of pushing it away constantly. It’s a common nervous habit that we all do!
  • Perfume- avoid it. You never know the employers taste. Scent can be very distracting.

The Career Center will also be holding an exciting “Dress to Impress” competition leading up to the Fall Career Fair to encourage everyone to flaunt their professional attire. I encourage you to enter and post a photo of yourself to win! The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Submit individual photo by Monday September 17th at      5:00pm via Twitter and Instagram (#CarcenUGA) or UGAmail cdi@uga.edu.
  2. Include your name, year in school and major
  3. Finalists will be chosen based on attire, grooming, and creativity while remaining business-appropriate.

Come armed with some breath mints and your confidence. If you follow these guidelines you’ll be sure to impress. See you at the Fall Career Fair the 19th! Good Luck!