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Alright guys, we’ve all heard about DawgLink and how it can help us with the job search. But today we’re going to delve into DawgLink and talk about its amazing features and some helpful tips for getting that interview or internship.

When you open up to the home page, on the left-hand column, you’ll see links to GoinGlobal and USA Career Guides. These are awesome resources that I recommend, especially if you’re looking into doing an internship or even working abroad. GoingGlobal provides insight on a career field in the global market, including cultural customs and advice for living in a foreign country. Great resource!

When it comes to your profile, make sure your information is up to date! If you lived in Creswell 423 during your first year, but you are currently a third year, that’s no longer the correct information. In your academic portion of your profile, you’re able to put your major coursework and your GPA, which is suggested if it’s a 3.0 or above.

Onto the documents tab! In this tab you upload documents, such as a resume or cover letter, and you can upload as many as you like. I would suggest having a cover letter and resume tailored to a specific job post. There’s nothing worse than having a cover letter written about how much you want to work for Deloitte, but the job posting was actually for KPMG. If they are interested in leadership experience, highlight those experiences you have had in your campus activities or job positions.

On the jobs tab, you can see all the job postings by various companies. The NACElink Network postings are available to anyone with an account and a computer. Utilize the jobs section to have a smaller field of competition. How much better are your odds to go against all the UGA affiliated people versus a larger community of people hungry for jobs? Exactly. I suggest using the “More Options” button when searching for positions to find what you are looking for: internships, part-time, or full-time.

The greatest misconception of DawgLink: the employers tab is only meant for employers. It’s not! Students can also research the employers. You can research the various companies that are posting on DawgLink as well as find specific contacts for the job. It’s important to make sure the company fits you just as much as you fit them.

Lastly, on the events tab, you can see all the upcoming events. One great thing about this is that you can find the employers and companies that will be at those events! By researching the companies that will be there, you can have a resume tailored to that company and be ahead of the game! I suggest looking at all the events coming up. There are great events coming up this semester and we look forward to all of you coming to them!