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Welcome back everyone! School is back in session and the summer success stories are rolling in. UGA students and alumni are sharing information about internship experiences, landing their first job, establishing new connections and more. So I thought I would share my own success story with you all too!


This past July, I was granted the opportunity to speak for 10 days at the 2012 London Olympics. It was a super fun time and I actually got to meet professional athletes. Honestly, I felt like I needed to hit the gym or the swimming pool. These people are super-humans. I tried to fit in with the athletes as best as possible, but there were some sweet temptations in London that blew my cover. I’m talking about the ice cream cones on every street corner that were calling my name while I was wearing my Team USA uniform. And let me tell you, Olympic uniforms and ice cream cones just don’t go together.

 The one thing I consider to be the greatest success from my trip to the Olympics was all of the new people I met. I was able to network with awesome people who are willing to give me job opportunities after I graduate. In a way, my current experience with the Career Center staff reminds me of all the helpful people I met in London. The folks at the Career Center love to help students succeed. They enjoy hearing about all of these success stories.

For me too, there is just something inspirational about reading the success stories of my peers; many of which the Career Center played a vital role in. I’m telling you the staff here is awesome! They really help students be successful in reaching their goals.

This summer was amazing and I am so excited to work at the Career Center. It is free and it’s such an essential tool for success. I personally think it is way underrated. I mean the fact that you may not even have to go farther than Clark Howell Hall to secure a job or an internship with a competitive salary just baffles me!

 We’d like to hear about what you did this summer. Share your own success stories with the Career Center at: www.career.uga.edu. From here, click on “Success Stories.” Your achievements matter and can inspire others, so come to Clark Howell Hall and embark on your own story of success.