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As a freshman, changing your major is expected. Many sophomores also end up changing their major. But by junior year most students have decided on a major and are well on their way to completing their degree. I recently realized that I am not your typical junior year college student. Image

Going into college I knew I wanted to graduate with a degree from the Terry College of Business, but I was not sure what major to choose within the college. I did some research on the different majors, came to the Career Center and eventually decided on finance. Although I had no idea what I wanted to do with a major in finance after graduation, I thought finance was the perfect fit for me.

At the beginning of this year I began taking my finance courses and looking for an internship for the summer. Half way through this semester, I came to the realization that finance may not be the perfect fit for me. Throughout my internship search I was drawn to positions that would give me management and marketing experience. I interviewed for some management internships and some finance internships. I ended up deciding on the store executive internship with Target. I also found that I was much more interested in my marketing courses than I was in my finance courses. Unfortunately, I thought being a junior meant it was too late to change my major and still graduate on time, so I decided to complete my finance degree. A few weeks ago, I realized I would much rather stay in school a little longer earning a degree I truly enjoyed instead of suffering through the next year taking courses I found extremely difficult and irrelevant for my long term career goals. I met with an adviser in the Terry College of Business and actually found a way to change my major to marketing and still graduate in four years.

So if any of you are thinking about changing your major don’t hesitate to do some research. The UGA bulletin has a list and description of all the majors, minors, and certificates that UGA offers.  The UGA Career Center website also offers a variety of personality tests that can help you find a major that best matches your personality traits.