As I am sure many of you are realizing spring semester is filled with student interviews for summer internships and full time positions. While having a great resume will get you the interview, and perfecting your interviewing skills will help you obtain a job/internship, networking with employers working at the company may be the edge you need to set you apart from the other candidates.   

I recently started interviewing for a summer internship with Target. The whole process consisted of two phone interviews and two on site interviews. While I spent plenty of time preparing for each interview by researching the company and participating in mock interviews, I found networking to be the most beneficial part of the entire interview process. 

After informing my supervisor about my interview with Target, she recommended that I check the Career Center website to see if Target would have employers at any upcoming on campus events. I checked the Career Center website, and found a few events Target would be attending.

I prepared for these networking opportunities the same way I prepare for interviews. I brought copies of my resume, dressed professionally, did company research, and had questions for the employer. After speaking with each employer I made sure to ask for his or her business card so I could send a thank you email.  

By attending these networking events, I had the chance to meet some of the employers I ended up interviewing with. I also had the chance to meet employers I may not have met otherwise.  Networking also helped me learn more about the company, and the internship I was interviewing for. For more networking tips check out the job search section of the Career Center website. Happy networking!