Approaching college graduation can be one of the most nerve-racking yet exciting times of your life. While some students continue their educational journey by attending graduate school, other seniors will take steps towards life in the “real world.” With that, many seniors flood their mind with questions regarding their future, romantic relationships, residential location, to the most common question of all, where to find a job.  

According to the August 2011 U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics, college graduates have almost double the chance of finding a job than non-college graduates. The unemployment rate for high school graduates is around 9%, completing only some college results in 8.4% and lastly for the zealous and perseverant college students who earned their Bachelor’s degree, the unemployment rate drops to a low 4.2%.

In addition to the benefits of a degree, according to the National Association of College Employers (NACE), employers plan to hire 19.3% more new college graduates this fall in comparison to the employment rates from last year. So it is clear; higher education does pay off. Even in the midst of the discrepancies of the U.S. economy, college graduates continue to reap benefits.

Times are changing, and it is possible for a student to earn a salary around $50,000 after graduation. Of course, this will not be the case for all students, but with hard work and through the power of networking this can be you.

All in all, my point is there are several doors open for college graduates, and it is important to not take your degree and education for granted. Outside of all the stats, your personal will and determination will direct you to where you are able to find a job. Today you can take effective steps in order to gain insight and be the cream of the crop.  

One way to gain more knowledge about your intended profession is by visiting different websites, and researching the job outlook. CareerCast.com is a career guidance website which includes concrete details regarding different careers. The site also offers an evaluation of the Top Jobs of 2011 based on pay, outlook, work environment, stress and physical demands. The Top 5 on the list this year are: Software Engineer, Mathematician, Actuary, Statistician and Computer Analyst.

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