As I have entered Clark Howell Hall this week, I have found myself amidst a sea of well-dressed students and employers quietly moving in-and-out of rooms. With the Career Fair a few weeks past, this means one thing:  interview season is here once more.

While many of you are busy balancing your job search with completing junior and senior level coursework, setting aside time to conduct a mock interview at the UGA Career Center may be next to impossible. While this is generally the best way to prepare for an interview, there are wonderful resources available on the web that can be quite effective for those of you crunched for time.

Alternative Interview Prep Resources:


A self-proclaimed “career community,” glassdoor.com provides space for former and current employees, scholars and career counselors to post advice on career development topics as well as reviews on working at national corporations. Peruse the website to research the company or companies you are interviewing with and learn about what you can expect if you do take a job with them.

For our purposes, the “Interviews” tab will be most helpful for practicing actual interview questions. The “New Interview this Week” and “Interviews for Most Popular Jobs” provide detailed, anonymous accounts of real-life interviews with companies. They also include questions that candidates were asked and provide a great sense of what to expect.

Additionally, the “Interview Questions by Top Tag” link at the bottom of the Homepage includes a variety of questions based on the type of your interview you choose. Behavioral interviews are by far the most common type of interview; however, be sure to find out which type you will be involved with to prepare accordingly.

UGA Optimal Resume- Interviews

One of the newest additions to the UGA Career Center’s plethora of resources, the Optimal Resume program is a helpful tool for all parts of the job search. Through an easy-to-use system, follow step-by-step instructions to create a professional resume or craft an eloquent cover letter.

The Interview section of the site includes an Interview Simulator that can be used with a simple webcam from your home computer or laptop. Choose from a variety of types, lengths and interviewers before settling down to complete yours. You can choose to type out your responses or answer them through the webcam and an interview coach will advise you on how to perfect your answers.

This resource can be accessed here and will include a brief (but free!) registration process before you may begin.  I highly recommend this resource as you can get practice and feedback as many times as you’d like. The Help section of the site includes a detailed explanation for using each program so feel free to access it as needed.

The Career Center is always here to assist with your career development. Feel free to schedule a mock interview by calling our office at (706) 542-3375. Best of luck!