Andrew Crain is in his first year as a Career Consultant at UGA. He earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Anthropology from Missouri State University. Andrew also received a Master of Science in Student Affairs from Missouri State University. At the Career Center, Andrew works with Marketing, Risk Management, Real Estate, and Master of Marketing Research students as part of Team Terry.

How did you become a Career Services professional?

During my time as an undergrad, I was originally planning to become an archaeologist. My senior year, I became very involved on campus and began to consider grad school. My involvement on campus was a natural transition into student affairs, and ultimately, career consulting.

What do you like about UGA?

I grew up in Athens and always felt at home here, so it was definitely one of the top cities on my list. It’s never dull here and there’s always an interesting event going on. UGA athletics, the diversity of students, and the fact that every day is different drew me to the University.

How did you choose Terry?

I really enjoy working with Terry students because they’re so ambitious and have such diverse backgrounds. Terry students, even in comparison to other business students, know what they want and are very confident. It’s cool to be a part of that and help them to achieve their goals.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I really like being outside. That was definitely a big reason why I chose to live in Georgia. Here we’re close to the mountains and the beach. I love the music scene in Athens and have enjoyed some great shows here. Being close to Atlanta is a big plus, too. I also enjoy playing drums, spending time with my black lab, and being active.

What did you want to do when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a paleontologist. People often get archaeologist and paleontologist confused, but there’s a difference.

Anything else you want UGA students to know about you?

I’m very excited to be here! I’m looking forward to this year and all the great events the Career Center has planned.

Why do the CDI’s love Andrew Crain?

“The CDI’s love Andrew because of his laid-back personality and the wealth of knowledge he has in career services. Andrew is constantly giving presentations to organizations and students, and is very involved with Terry. He makes a point to get CDI’s involved in different events, and serves as my personal mentor. He always keeps his door open and is available for advice.” -John Wilke, CDI