Yesterday at the Career Fair, you met with at least the top 4-5 employers on your list, handed out copies of your resume, and had great conversations with recruiters. You also picked up a business card from each recruiter. While it may be tempting to sit back and wait for an email or phone call from your dream employer, don’t relax just yet.

While the Career Fair and the conversations you had are still fresh in your mind, take some time to sit down and write a line or two on the back of each business card. These can be things such as questions you’ve thought of since the Career Fair and specifics from your conversation that will set you apart. This simple exercise provides an easy reference for future contact with the recruiter, as well as something to include in your thank-you response. It will pay dividends upon entering an interview 3 weeks later when there’s the possibility the person you spoke with is your interviewer. You want to be the awesome candidate who has something to talk about before the interview.

As Ashley pointed out, recruiters are on the road and go from school-to-school. Because of this, email is usually the best way to quickly reach them. A handwritten note shows extra time and care, but it may be next week before the recruiter gets it. Establishing rapport through an email thread is also beneficial. Within 48 hours, type an email for each recruiter. The subject can be as simple as “Career Fair” or “Thank you.” Even if your conversation was casual, begin with “Mr.” or “Ms.” followed by their last name. Your email should be to the point and formal in tone. Let the recruiter know if you applied for a position with their organization on DawgLink. Most importantly, thank them for taking the time to visit Athens and speak with you.

After an opening thank-you paragraph, it’s appropriate to ask any questions you may have about the recruiting process.  At the end, include something from your conversation. This could be anything from wishing an employer well on their next engagement, to Georgia football. In closing, you may ask the employer to notify you when they come back to Athens for interviews or other events.

The most important aspect of the follow-up is to remind the employer who you are, that you’re interested, and to keep communication open. Taking the time to send a short message shows you’re serious and will get you on the way to landing the job or internship you want!