Corporate recruiters spend weeks (and in some cases, months) traveling from career fair-to-career fair each fall. Some recruiters will have already met hundreds of students and potential employees by the time they step inside the Classic Center on the morning of Wednesday, September 21st. You can count on this number to rise dramatically over the course of the UGA Career Fair day as well. To help you stand out, the CDIs have put together a blog series to help prepare you get noticed by the companies you are most interested in. Follow us as we journey through researching companies, preparing to interact with employers, choosing professional attire, making final preparations and following up with employers after the fair is over!

With the Career Fair coming up, I’m sure the big question on everyone’s mind is what should I wear? Okay, that is probably not the biggest question you have, but it is still an important step in preparing for a successful trip to the Career Fair. More than likely you have heard that you need to “dress professionally”.  So, what exactly is professional dress? Let me fill you in.

For women:

A matching two piece suit in gray, black, navy, or brown is appropriate. This includes a pants suit or knee length skirt suit. If you wear a knee-length skirt suit, wear skin tone panty hose. Under your jacket, wear a light colored blouse or button down shirt. Be sure to wear low-heeled, closed toe shoes. Also, make sure your shoes are comfortable since you will be standing and walking around.   

Keep your away from you face and wear naturally looking makeup. Wear simple accessories, nothing too distracting.

For men:

A dark-colored two piece suit is appropriate attire. Under your jacket, wear a light-colored, long sleeve, button down shirt. Match the shirt with a conservative patterned tie.  Wear comfortable shoes with laces. Dark colored socks that match your suit are appropriate.

For both men and women:

  • Avoid wearing perfume or cologne
  • Try not to bring your backpack
  • Bring a portfolio with copies of your resume and a notepad
  • Cover up any tattoos

For more Career Fair tips, check out the 2011-2012 Career Guide. Good Luck!