Each time I snap my official, silver, Career Center nametag on my shirt, a big smile comes across my face. Only a few weeks have passed since I began as a CDI and I can honestly say I love this job. The staff is always enthusiastic, and there are so many incredible resources and services offered by the Career Center.
One service which I have come to enjoy in particular is resume walk-ins. Every weekday from 12-2pm students can come to the Career Center to have their resume critiqued or ask for other career development advice. Noticing how many students share the same questions and concerns, here are 5 quick tips you can use to help your resume stand out:

Tip #1: Make sure your name (first and last) is the largest item on the page. It will be very unfortunate for the employer to recall all of your great experience on the resume and completely forget your name.

Tip #2: Instead of explaining the general duties or responsibilities performed at a job, place more emphasis on the specific tasks you performed and changes you implemented. For example, rather than merely saying “serve food and drinks to customers within a restaurant” it can be changed to “oversee 6 tables simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.”

Tip #3: Since we are all college students here at The University of Georgia, try to refrain from putting any high school involvement or activities on your resume. With over 600 registered student organizations at UGA, there is definitely a place for you! To get started come out to the Campus Activities Fair on September 7th, 2011 at Tate.

Tip #4:  No matter how well-known the company is or is not, add it to your resume and continue to expand on transferable skills gained from the experience. Truth be told, all of us have not served as an intern for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or held a part time position at CNN or Wells Fargo. However, skills you polished at a smaller business may be your ticket to landing a job with one of these prestigious companies.

Tip #5:  Be sure to write out the name of your degree, to avoid confusing your reader. For example, B.S.F.C.S is a degree title most people are not aware of. In order to make the resume simple and clear, write out the name of your full degree even if it is as long as, Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Sciences in Fashion Merchandising.