So, last post I talked briefly about how to set up the basics of your Twitter account. Now, I’ll just a list a couple of things that I’ve done that have helped grow my followers and have made Twitter more beneficial for me to use.

Be a leader, not a follower

1.       Be selective in who you follow – This is something that I practice, that others may or may not encourage. I don’t like seeing tweets from people who only like to talk about what they had for breakfast or what drink specials are happening at certain bars downtown. I tend to follow people that I would want to respond to or who tweet about things I’m not normally going to find on my own, like theatre performances, band shows, or cultural events. Too many tweets about things you’re not interested in will stifle your interest and then you’ll end up not using your Twitter account at all.

2.       Tweet important and relevant things – On the same note, post things that other people want to read. It’s okay to post funny things or something you just want to put out there, but also tweet about things that will connect you with your followers. While most people don’t want to listen to people who just publish their showering schedule, they also don’t want to read articles, surveys, and research all the time, so be sure to mix up it up.

3.       Give feedback! – When people tag you in a post or retweet something you’ve posted, be sure to stay in communication with that person. Also, retweet and respond to people that post things you have found interested or particularly helpful. This will help grow your network, since people you’re not usually connected to get to see things you’ve posted.


Integrating your social networking sites is key. Be sure if you have a blog that you want people to read regularly that you connect the two together. You can also connect your Twitter feed to your Facebook which not only lets people know the cool things you’re tweeting (which are sometimes more informative, relevant, up-to-date, and less obnoxious than your Facebook statuses), but also lets your friends know you have a Twitter and that they can follow you.

What the @#?

I know you’ve been wondering what’s going on with the pound sound floating around cyberspace. Well on Twitter, the # symbol is referred to as a hashtag. Tweeters use hashtags to start topics/key events in a Tweet called “trends”. They help categorize your tweet and they allow you to search trends that are popular at any given time. Some popular trends right now are: #cheerupjustin and #bittertweet

Check out this blog for more Twitter help, tips, and FAQs: http://support.twitter.com/groups/31-twitter-basics