As many of you can attest to, starting classes this semester has been slightly harder than in the past. The snow days, while full of fun and no pressing academic responsibilities, were a bit of a tease. The past few weeks have quickly reminded me that upper level courses are twice as much work. No matter how much we try to convince them otherwise, our professors are expecting us to make up all of the work we missed during our winter wonderland.

In the midst of the craziness of classes, the Career Center has continued preparations for tomorrow’s Spring Career Fairmany of you know that our Spring Career Fair will be taking place tomorrow. We have a few great blogs about career fair etiquette and networking that I highly recommend re-reading before you go!

I’ve personally been attempting to sift through applications for summer internships (which are due frighteningly soon!) and will be blogging about my summer internship search in hopes of encouraging you with yours. As a PR major, I have found internships available in nearly every city and in all facets of business. To begin my search, I knew I had to narrow down the pleather a of options. Over the past few weeks, I have focused on answering the following question:

What am I passionate about?

This question is one that can help you narrow down your job search to include the jobs that are the best for you. While your colleagues and the corporate climate of your organization will influence your feeling towards going to work each day, choosing an industry that truly interests you is the first step to falling in love with your career.

It seems simple enough, right? Well, it isn’t quite as easy to answer as it may seem. I’ve personally considered this question quite a bit over the past few months. I made a list of the subjects that I find myself researching and discussing on a day-to-day basis. I narrowed it down by researching each industry and available internships on DawgLink. I have come up with my top three choices for places to work:

For example, ESPN is the site I check most on my phone and computer. I absolutely love reading the latest sports news and am interested in finding a job that allows me to do just that. I will be applying for internships with the MLB, Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta Dream.

I also have a passion for bettering the world. I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching different human rights groups and will be applying for an internship at The Carter Center for this summer.

Along the same lines, I realize the importance of effective PR in the ever-changing healthcare industry. For that reason, I will be applying for internships at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Gwinnett Medical Center.

If you haven’t already done so, I would take time to think about and answer this question. Doing so will help motivate you to begin the wonderful process of searching for a job or summer internship. If you are planning to attend the Career Fair tomorrow, I would use your answers to look through the list of employers who will be in attendance. Choose the ones you are most interested in meeting and research them before you go!