My Career Christmas List

As a Career Development Intern, and someone who wishes to pursue a career upon graduation, here a just a few gifts I might be asking for from good ol’ Santa for Christmas (and the reasons behind them).

1) Padfolio– Everyone going to an interview wants to put off the best impression possible. Having a padfolio (maybe even with the UGA logo on it) is a nice way of letting potential employers know that you are professional, put together, and maybe even want to take notes on what you take about during the interview.

[Additional bonus: room for extra copies of your resume, as well as room to store business cards that you receive]

2) Professional Dress– Now if I get a padfolio, that’s sort of the icing on the cake, but first I need the cake- or in this case a nice business suit. For men & women this should be a 2 piece matching dark-colored suit. Ladies may choose either a pants or knee-length skirt suits; gentlemen may choose between 2 or 3 button suits are preferred. A light colored plain button-down shirt should be worn underneath. Ladies don’t forget hosiery, and closed-toe pumps. Men please choose a tie with a conservative pattern to go with your suit.

3) Updated Resume– Now that my semester is coming to a close, there’s nothing more I want than to update my resume with all of the experiences I gained, and I want to make sure that it will stand out for employers come spring semester’s career fair. Luckily, since I’m sure Mr. Claus doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands, the UGA Career Center will still be open during exam week and the holidays to help me polish up my resume.

4) Resume Paper– What my resume wants most as a gift is some nice resume paper to be printed on. Again, when going for an interview or to a career fair it is an extra touch of professionalism that will make you stand out over other candidates.

5) Thank You Notes– We all know how important it is to send thank you notes after an interview, but we also should remember to thank any and everyone who helped us throughout our job/internship search process. An elegant set of thank you notes can be used to write a short personal message in, and will be a great way to show your appreciation.