If you’re looking for a way to make some extra spending money this Christmas break, working a seasonal job is the perfect solution. There are a variety of jobs available during the holiday season and you can use this blog as your resource for finding and landing the right job for you!

Different Types of Seasonal Jobs:

The first step in the job search process is determining the type of seasonal job you would like to have. Whether you’re looking to gain customer service experience, work on your physical strength, or spend your break doing something unique, the job field is open to you.

Seasonal Retail Jobs

The demand for retail workers is by far the highest among the seasonal job categories because the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most every corporation. Between 25-50% of retail sales take place from Thanksgiving to Christmas and companies look to hire additional employees as soon as possible! The best way to find out about job openings depends on the type of store you are looking to work for.


Large corporate stores will be hiring seasonal employees and do so through their websites. Checking out their websites and filling out an application generally suffices as a way to apply for a seasonal job. Refer to these corporate websites as an example or to access an application:

I worked at Toys R Us during last year’s holiday season. My experience overall was great- I learned lots about working with people during the few weeks I spent there.

Small Stores & Boutiques

While smaller stores will hire during the holidays, they are likely to hire less people than large corporations. The best way to find out about job openings is to speak with a manager in-store. Be prepared to fill out an application  and interview when you do!

Skills Obtained: Customer service experience, managing financial transactions, organizational skills

Delivery Jobs

With many families continuing to cut-back on travel expenses, companies like UPS and FedEx are responsible for delivering Christmas gifts to their loved ones far away! The influx of deliveries creates a need for additional workers during the month of December.

Skills Obtained: Customer service experience, time management, information sorting system, physical labor

Unique Seasonal Job Ideas

While retail and delivery jobs are both sure-fire seasonal employment opportunities, there are an array of other options to meet your specific hopes and dreams! Working as a temporary intern, shadowing a professional in your field of interest, or working a non-traditional job are a few examples of other employment options. Because of the nature of some of these jobs, you may not be paid; however, the experience and network you gain will be price-less in the long run!

Here are a few examples of jobs that are Career Consultants have held over the holidays:

“I was a bank teller over the holidays.” -Career Consultant Bethany Bagley

“I worked in my mom’s third-grade classroom. I helped kids with writing, doing math, and finishing their notebooks.” -Career Consultant Christie Sanders

Other Ideas:

Tips for Landing a Seasonal Job:

Apply, apply, apply! If you know that you’ll be spending the holidays at home (or in Athens!) apply for seasonal work sooner rather than later! Because of the nature of seasonal jobs, employers know that you will only be available once school is over. With Thanksgiving Break starting this weekend, I recommend filling out online applications now or starting your job search as soon as you arrive at home! If you’re planning to fill out applications in-store, be sure to bring important information with you including:

1. References (name, contact information, relationship)

2. Employment history (contact information for past employers, job duties, address of business)

  • Be punctual! Most seasonal jobs rely on people showing up early so be early to the interview to prove to the employer that you are punctual!
  • Smile! A positive attitude can help to set you apart when meeting the manager and/or hiring supervisor for a company. Having a bright smile and enthusiasm for the job you are applying for will set you apart from the other applicants!
  • Be flexible! The work schedule for seasonal jobs will require flexibility and unusual hours. For retail jobs especially, you should be prepared to work long shifts on heavy-volume shopping days (Black Friday, for instance). The good news is that, because most college students are accustomed to non-traditional schedules, they have little to no difficulty adjusting.

According to UPS Spokeswoman Karen Cole, a seasonal job can be a stepping stone to full-time employment later. “Treat the seasonal position as an audition. If you do a great job, it can lead to a more permanent position.” Work hard and get to know your supervisor- you never know where a solid reference or job experience can take you!