I walk into Clark Howell Hall everyday, wave and say “Good Morning!” to the smiling receptionists, and then head to the CDI office. After working here for a little over a year, I’m still not sure how I feel about Clark Howell Hall housing the Career Center. When I think “Career Center”, I think of a bright, enthusiastic, energetic atmosphere. But I know that when you walk into Clark Howell Hall, you don’t get that impression immediately. Maybe it’s because of the less than appealing entrances and bastille-like aura?

For example, when you walk down the hall, you probably see something along these lines.

Yes, Clark Howell’s halls seem dark, maybe even ominous, but I highly encourage you to keep your head up as you walk through the Career Center halls. For one, there are lots of great resources on bulletin boards and on Career Consultant’s doors. Look at this Dilbert bulletin board. Someone put a lot of effort into that presentation! Just give it a glance next time you’re in the Career Center – I promise you it’s helpful (and fun!).

Now, as you continue down the hall be sure to keep your head up and your smile on, because there are plenty of wonderful, beaming, joyful Career Consultants, student workers, and interns walking up and down that very same hall. They’re friendly! Say hello! They’re probably more excited that you’re at the Career Center than you are!

Man they are happy to see you! Depending on the purpose of your visit to the Career Center you have a couple of options when it comes to checking in. If you’re here for an employer interview for an internship or a full time job, you’ll probably be directed to one of our state-of-the-art, super expensive, high-tech scanner and check-in station.

Or, if you’re here for a walk-in, resume critique, mock interview, or just about anything else, you’ll be lucky enough to meet one of our highly trained and super enthusiastic receptionists.

If you check-in for a walk-in, you’ll be directed to our computer lab down the hall. Now, our computers may not be the fastest or the prettiest (they’re PCs – sorry), but our computer lab certainly is the most spirited lab on campus. Exhibit A:

Now, THAT is a good looking computer lab. But, if you’re not here for a walk-in, you may not see our computer lab. If you schedule an appointment with a career consultant, you’ll have to wait at the front desk until the consultant comes to let you know they’re ready. As you and your career consultant make casual chit-chat down the hall, they may pull you aside to our resourceful and well-decorated Career Center Library. The Library has an awesome table where you can research jobs, internships, and job search strategies (trust me on this one, it’s a really good table) as well as hundreds of books, magazines, and articles on anything career related.

After your appointment, we hope you feel a lot better about your major, career, or internship search. After all, it is our job. Whatever your experience at Clark Howell Hall, we would love for you to let us know! We have a “Tell us what you think!” section right by the front desk where students tell us how to improve or how much they love us.

And if you walk out of the Career Center a little confused, with a few decisions to make, or maybe just an untied shoelace, be sure to use our benches located directly in front of our main entrance. It’s a great spot to sit and relax, and sometimes maybe you’ll catch a Career Consultant eating lunch when it’s nice outside.

And when you get home, don’t forget to tell all of your roommates and friends how awesome your experience at Clark Howell Hall was!