The trees are losing their greenery, leaves are beginning to fall, squirrels are hoarding acorns and nuts, Homecoming is right around the corner – fall must be here! Break out your sweater, your fall coats, your scarves, and your business suit. That’s right – you heard me. Your business suit. Yes, yes, I know, the Career Fair has already come and gone, and many of you have already started interviewing on campus or pursuing other leads, but the Career Center is still hosting one more Career Fair this semester. The South Campus Career Fair will be October 14th from 12 to 5 at Tate Grand Hall. Don’t be confused – just because it’s for South Campus, doesn’t mean it’s on South Campus.

If you’re studying agriculture, engineering, or environmental sciences and graduating this December or May, this is probably the easiest way to find a job. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with recruiters seeking students in agricultural, engineering, forestry, landscape and other industries to fill full time positions. If you’re not graduating this year, there are still plenty of opportunities at this career fair. In fact, it’s more important for sophomores and juniors to show up prepared to this event. Many of these companies offer summer internships in addition to their full time positions. And if you’re wondering “Isn’t this too early to be looking for a summer internship?” the answer is “NOOOOO!” If you need an internship this summer you need to start looking yesterday. All of the great, awesome, high-paying, experience-gaining, high-powered-executive-meeting internships are looking for applicants now.

As if the internship experience itself isn’t enough to start looking and applying to these internships early, there is even a more crucial reason. More and more businesses, especially agricultural and engineering companies, are hiring from their internship pools rather than hiring college grads. They like to get the ambitious students who are looking ahead and on top of their game early in their career. Not only are they ambitious and ready to learn, but now the companies can train them the way that they want, preparing them for future work in that company. Don’t believe me? Check out this article about how More Internships Lead to Full Time Hires.

So, don’t go to the South Campus Career Fair for me (because me and my Sociology major won’t be there) and don’t go for the Career Center. Go because of the great opportunities available, go because you’re qualified, go because you’re ambitious, go because you can’t afford not to.

Get your resume critiqued by Laura Ledgerwood at South Campus Satellite Hours this Wednesday, October 13th from 1 to 4 PM in the lobby of Conner Hall. Also, check out our other blogs on Career Fair strategies before heading to the South Campus Career Fair!