So, I’m sure we are all guilty of putting things off until the last minute, and we all know that procrastinating is not the most effective way to manage our time. However, here is why it is incredibly important to not procrastinate in the job search process.

First of all, and most obviously: employers have deadlines. If you met an employer at the career fair, or you found a position to apply for on DAWGlink or a company’s website, they all have a timeline of when you need to apply by. If it is a position you are interested in- don’t hesitate- gather all of the required materials to apply (and have your resume proofread if you haven’t already). You may think you have all of the time in the world to sit back and just email or submit your resume last minute, but remember that many employers request that you also submit an application via their company’s website or submit a cover letter along with your resume. Writing a cover letter last minute will not be of benefit to you because you need to personalize this letter and let the company know why you are the best candidate for their specific company and this specific position. You also would probably like to have your cover letter looked over by one of our career consultants, and how can you do that if you have waited until 10pm the night the application is due.

Also, we cannot magically re-open a position for you to apply for on DAWGlink, so if you met that employer at the career fair and they told you where to apply, please go online and find out when the deadline is, or else you will miss out on fantastic opportunities!

Another time when procrastination is not to your benefit is following up with employers. Whether you met an employer at the career fair or just finished an interview, you need to follow up. This means send a thank you note no more than 48 hours later, but I would suggest no more than 24 hours later. An employer that you met for only a couple minutes at a fair may not remember you as well if you delay in your correspondence with them, but how much more likely are they to remember that they were impressed with you if you send a follow up thank you note within 24 hours reminding them of the conversation you had and why you are a great candidate!

Lastly, don’t delay in the overall job search process. Start now even if you’re not looking for a job/internship until next summer. You might miss an opportunity that is hiring only this semester, and you definitely will learn from the interviews and experiences you have early in your search!