It’s that time again when employers are interviewing students at the Career Center!  Don’t worry, we have all the tools to help you become a master at interviewing and hopefully land your dream job!  But, it does take responsibility on your part too!

The best way to practice is to sign-up for a mock interview with a Career Consultant. (Call (706) 542-3375 to schedule yours!)  The mock interview is designed to feel like a real interview so come dressed in the suit you’ll wear to the real thing.  Make sure to greet the Career Consultant with a firm hand shake and a smile just as you would at your real interview.  It’s good to get all your jitters and butterflies out now before your interview.

During the mock interview, the Career Consultant will ask behavioral questions that will most likely be asked in your interview.  This way, you will have an idea of what the employers are going to ask you, which will give you time to prepare your answers.  A couple of common questions include:

  1. Describe the way you handled a specific problem involving a person with differing values, ideas, and beliefs in your current/previous job.
  2. What are three effective leadership qualities you think are important?  How have you demonstrated these qualities in your past or current position?

After the mock interview is over, your Career Consultant will give you feedback.  The feedback is very important because the Career Consultants know what the employers are looking for, so make sure you pay attention and take notes.

In addition to the mock interview, you can look at the interviewing section of the Career Guide.  You can access this online at http://www.career.uga.edu/multimedia/UGACareerGuide.pdf.  The Career Guide has a lot of useful information that will help you with your interviewing skills.  It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by the interview process.  People are rarely naturally good at interviewing.  It is a skill that is acquired through lots and lots of practice.

Good luck to everyone!